Thursday, February 8, 2018

Jan-April 2016- Bridger's 5th Birthday & More

Here's looking at you kid!

As usual we always get to start the new year with Bridger's birthday, in 2016 he turned 5 and celebrated with his Pre-K class at PS 180 (Miss Finchum):

Spiderman, here we come!!!

Miss Finchum and Bridger, his fabulous Pre-K teacher!

Winter snowstorms, Bridger is ready!

And it warms up quickly for Bronxton!

Our charming blue-eyed love...

Bridger had an awesome year of Pre-K, some of the highlights include the Box Car project!

The Dance (Ballet Hispanico) Bridger and his dance partner Chloe

Mom & Bronxton coming to see the show!

We spent almost every day after school at the 116th Morningside Playground, Bronxton loved playing with Viviana! Sometimes she let him hold her Beanie Boo... or her hand...

We made a quick trip April 2016 to Puerto Rico!

And it's not springtime without a Yankee's game!!!

Thursday, February 1, 2018


The year always starts great with a BIRTHDAY: Bridger turned 4, yay!!! Thomas the train party

Bronxton gets his first two front teeth, can you see them?

Let's learn to ride a bike mom!

Dad's away at All-Stars, but the boy don't forget by wearing their NBA shirts;

Bridger's first time Ice Skating @ Bryant Park with Dad. He did great!

 Bronxton also joining in winter sports by sledding...

Bath time is so fun when it's cold outside, and with bubbles!!!

Mom likes to take pictures of me in swings, where I can't escape the photo. Aren't I soooo cute?!?

Working on an escape.

It's Easter morning, Bronxton's first!!!

Count Bronxtula at the Brooklyn Childrens Museum

Mom also likes to take pictures of me getting myself into a mess (naughty)...

Bridger and Cousin Ben, happened to both wear Lighting McQueen and gray sweatpants together.

Grandma came for a visit (Brooklyn Botanical Gardens):

Children's Glad in Central Park

Just the boys at Yankee's game!

Mom's Birthday, Anna came to visit. We took a walk to see the lovely cherry Blossoms in the Park.


And Brothers on there first vacation to Minnesota to visit Aunt Diann, Uncle Nick, and cousins.

Discovering Life as a hyperbole and...

A soccer star...

Happy Red, white, and Blue on the 4th of July!!! 

Bridger near his favorite big rock by 110th playground in central park

Aldi shopping; our favorite store.

Cousin Carly comes for a visit to NY, I love summer time!!!

Bridger's 1st day of School: Pre-K at PS 180 with Ms. Finchum, best teacher ever!

Tigers for Halloween

Nah, I change my mind, how about spiderman for Halloween?!? with Sebastian?


Turn's out London Bridge(R) is NOT falling down.

I love my Bronxton!

Christmas Nativity


Go Utes!

And a wonderful Christmas visit from Aunt Megan and E'lle