Thursday, April 19, 2018

Bridger Turns 6! (& Winter 2017)

Bridger turned 6! We had a Car's themed party for him, with a racetrack for matchbox & hot wheels. He had some of his favorite friends over (Oliver, Teddy, Kevin, Asaph, Adrien, Julien, & more)

On January 20, 2017 we attended the Inauguration Ceremonies, it was a great experience!

Even more fun than the inauguration was the playground and Shake Shack next to our DC Hotel!

At the end of the inauguration, it had been a long, long, long, looooong day. We were tired, cold, hungry and had been standing for 4-5+ hours.

To get us through winter my boys love to pretend to be different things. Like Columbia Lions, pretty great, huh?

How about super heros the party store will supply?

We love the great costumes from home...

Hey, let's be each other, wait who's jammies are those?

Mostly they just love to be brothers with a big sucker!

Bridger discoverd the joys of a salad for dinner. "Mom this is the best meal you've ever made me"

Bronxton proselyting as he takes his Sunday afternoon nap on the walk home from Church. Isn't he the cutest missionary ever???

NJ Cousin time - we went to the intrepid together, super fun!
The Church Boys

Cutie Bronxton

Some favorite secret spots:
Sneaking Reese's Puffs

In trees, always

At the tippy top of the jungle gym

On top of huge snow piles

In their bed fort, its the best!

Or next to the couch, and often inside it!

Home Goods toy area, where treasures are always found.

The Pillow Bridger really, really, really wanted. (you can see why?)

Macy's Flower Show - March 30, 2017

Especially great because it ended with McDonald's Ice Cream. Mom win!

 Projects to get us through the end of winter and rainy days until warmer weather...

They liked this project so much, they both made atleast 3 or 4 more fishes each.
Mom had to have a project as well, for the boys room.

Christmas 2016

 Christmas is in the air, and the tree is up in our new apartment! Hooray!!!

And the little tree we used to use in our Studio is now perfect for B&B's room!

Bronxton reverting to his babyhood..

Unplanned Twins again...

Macy's Santa, its a tradition. This is the first year Mom didn't have to join the picture.

Bronxton with a baby tiger in his tummy

More treats than we can eat... 

Bridger experiencing the excitement of christmas packages arriving, he carried this one all the way up the stairs by himself. Have to wait until Christmas Day! 

 Christmas Day, Like Father like son...

 B&B shirts made affectionately by Dad Extraordinaire.

Leapfrog Book for Bronxton!

Santa brought Bridger his first BIKE, YIPEE!!!

This is pretty much where we spent our New Years Eve, at a Porsche Dealership purchasing a used Volkswagon Passat Wagon. It was a loooong process...