Saturday, June 17, 2017

Our first summer in NYC with a 2 yr old, 2013

Summer time is great for so many reasons, but when you live in a really great place like NY, have an endlessly curious 2 year old, visit a lot of places, it REALLY becomes an endless summer... 
It started at Sheeps' Meadow in Central Park

 Then it moved to 4th of July Morningside Heights parade with friends and a fire truck!

We took our first trip to Governors Island while they were having a Retro Carnival (most the rides made in early 1900's) Bridger discovered the joy of amusement RIDES!


We went in this super cool igloo made out of empty milk jugs and water bottles.

We also took a quick weekend trip to Lake George, NY where Bridger got on his mini golf game!

 And got to know the pool pretty well!

Then our adventures came back to NY briefly for a visit from Cousin Carly, she's the best! While she was here we went to the NJ state fair in the Meadowlands, a dream come true for every jersey girl!

Dad helped me with my game


The view of a fair in a parking lot

As if there wasn't enough rides for the summer, we had to add more to the mix. Grandpa Kirt had a timeshare for us to come stay with him in Anaheim. We couldn't resist!

Some of the rides are scarier than other as you can see on Mom's face.

 We got to spend some great time with Granpda Kirt!

We got to visit the beach!

And some other adventures while in California!

Like the HULK at the LEGO store

 As you can tell even the drive back to Utah from California felt like an Amusement ride to Bridger

Went to a quick USA game in Vegas

Bridger getting his slam dunk on at Grandma Karen's house

Ogden we visited Train station and Children's Museum

And of course you can't leave Ogden without some of this!

Friday, May 19, 2017

Mom's Birthday Surprise May 3, 2013

Occasionally, very, very occasionally Mom and Dad getaway without kids. This was the first time since Bridger was born.

Bridger got to spend the night at his cousins house in NJ, while mom and day found a spot in the Poconos. 

A place that had pink bikes to match my heart AND even a HEART shaped pool!

 Ended it with a great bike ride